ECOCHOICE is a trading company and integrated energy solutions.

ECOCHOICE was constituted in 2007 with the aim of boosting three business areas: Energy, Sustainable Construction and Sustainable Urban Environment. Today it focuses on the energy sector, through energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy trading.

In 2014 saw two of its business areas, sustainable construction and sustainable urban environment, being a spin off target, growing in its international segment, giving other dynamics and structure to these same business areas.


ECOCHOICE mission`s is to support the customer in reducing their energy costs by marketing energy, energy efficiency and the implementation of renewable energies.


Our team is motivated to lead the energy sector in Portugal and grow in the external markets where it is already present.

The satisfaction of our clients lies not only in the technical quality of the team, but also in the capacity of communication and internal organization within the company.


The ECOCHOICE’s main objective is to reduce energy costs in companies by:
  • Supply of electricity and natural gas: reduced energy tariffs (reduction €/kWh);
  • Energy efficiency: conducting energy audits and implementing solutions to reduce energy consumption (reduction kWh); 
  • Renewable energy production: study and implementation of autonomous production systems.

We aim to be the energy partner in our customers.


ECOCHOICE with the growth in energy marketing, it offers to domestic customers:
  • Quality of service in personalized customer service;
  • Integrated energy solutions;
  • Energy measuring devices;
  • Competitive rates.

In addition to the commercialization of energy we differentiate ourselves in the domestic client by the implementation of autonomous self-consumption solutions.