Using resources in a rational way is now a cross-priority for all sectors of activity, with direct reflections on the performance and innovation of companies, other social organizations and the very sustainability of the territory.
ECOCHOICE’s company is a pioneer in the provision of engineering and consultancy services with a focus on the sustainability of materials and products, buildings and the urban environment.

Materials and Products

LCA – (Life Cycle Assessment), calculation of carbon footprint and development of eco-design strategies for materials and commodities


Advisory and evaluation of sustainable construction projects according to the systems BREEAM, LEED, SBToolPT and LiderA

Development of thermodynamic simulations, providing support to the project in the analysis of the best solutions of energy efficiency, comfort, lighting and quality of the interior environment

Analysis of the technical and economic viability of sustainable solutions (measures of passive architecture, energy, water, materials and waste, user comfort, mobility, etc.)

Sustainability audits in existing buildings